Book Review: Big Little Lies

Love psychological thrillers? Then look no further than Liane Moriarty’s Big Little Lies.

“Who did it?” Someone has died at the Pirriwee Public School Trivia Night. That’s the big questions that come to play when reading “Big Little Lies”. Sometimes, the little lies reveals the corruption beneath the surface.

The book starts off with happily married Madeline tripping in the middle of the street after telling off some teenagers who were texting and driving. Passerby 24-year-old “plain Jane” then comes to her rescue. They don’t have really anything in common, except that their children are in the same kindergarten class. However, they quickly become friends and bring another mother, Celeste, into the mix.

These women hold two big secrets, with Jane holding the bigger one. The thing is that she doesn’t know the entire truth. Some questions will come up about her past, and it turns out one of the other mothers knows someone that is connected to her.

This rapid, page turning book describes the lives of the mothers whose kids all go to the same school. They live in this small Australian town where gossip travels very quickly. In this book, Liane Moriarty uncovers the skeletons these mothers may be hiding in their closet, from past affairs to predators to bullying and domestic violence.

Big Little Lies could have ended up as one hot mess with all kinds of unruly details that are out of place, but Moriarty’s overall writing and in depth character development made the book interesting. She gave these characters such a backstory that their pasts intertwine with each other, and that is something a majority of readers may not see coming.

However, there are a couple of things that need to be addressed. The scenes do jump around a little bit. In one paragraph, Moriarty will reference what will happen at trivia night by including police officers and opinions from other mothers. In the next paragraph, she will jump back to the weeks and months leading up to that tragic night.

The murder was introduced within the first few scenes of the book, so it did foreshadow the inevitable that will happen later in the book.

Still, praise for Moriarty for neatly tying all of the details together in the end. This is a book that will open up all kinds of discussions and keep everyone talking.

Big Little Lies is available in the United States, Canada, Australia and the U.K. through Penguin Publishing.

Book Review: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants


Synopsis: The book is about a group of friends, 4 girls, who are all very close, but they’re about to go their separate ways for the summer.  So the girls tried on this pair of pants, which happened to fit all of them, and decided to share the pants as a way that they’ll always be there for each other.  They also wore the pants to get through tough times.

ThoughtsI loved the book.  I saw the movie a few years ago, but this was my first time reading the book.  The characters were well developed, and it felt like I was experiencing their pain/romantic relationships with them, even though I can’t relate to the characters’ actions 100%, since I’m not a teenager.

Book Review: Fangirl


IT’S REALLY GOOD!  I just finished reading the book not too long ago.  I saw a bunch of booktubers recommending and reviewing the book, so I just had to read it.  I know there’s a saying that you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, BUT HOW CAN YOU NOT?  IT’S SO CUTE!!

SUMMARY: It’s about this girl named Cath, who is obsessed with the Simon Snow books and spends most of her time writing Simon Snow fan-fiction.  She knows the world is changing around her, but she’s still stuck in her old high school ways.  Because of that, she and her twin sister, Wren, start drifting apart.  That’s until Cath realizes that she needs to grow as a person, allow change, and meet new people.

THOUGHTS: I thought the story was well-written, hilarious, and yet, full of drama.  I loved how the Simon Snow characters were incorporated into the story and how Cath eventually opened up to change.  There was a lot of character development throughout the book.


In honor of May…

IT’S GONNA BE MAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Today, I recorded my first video for book-tube.  I always enjoyed watching other people’s book reviews and hauls, so I figured that I should start recording videos.

Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10k

So Saturday was the Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10k, one of the largest 10k’s in the country and the most popular race in town.  Although, this year, it was kinda wet.  However, I ran/jogged the entire thing in an hour and 15 minutes, which I’m very proud of because I’ve never been able to jog the whole race before.  I shaved 12 minutes off from my time last year.

photo 1



It was a lot of fun.  Some people even dressed up for the 10k.  I can’t imagine how much work they put into these costumes.  I don’t think I’d like to wear these kind of things in the rain though.

photo 3 photo 4

Friends’ birthday celebration

A few weeks ago, three of my friends decided to have a birthday celebration because their birthdays are around the same date.

Steven’s birthday was March 9th, while Robyn and Shannon’s birthday was on March 17th.  So Steven decided to have all of our friends to get together for dinner and bowling.  We had dinner at a local pho place in town called Pho 1 Grill.  It was good.  I got fried dumplings, plus the dish I usually get at other pho places in town (pork chop with broken rice).  Steven and Shannon both ordered a dish that caught on fire.

We all joked around, talked about life, etc.

Then most of us went to the bowling alley, while some of the group decided to go home.  I went to the bowling alley mainly because of cake.  Robyn and Emma baked a cake in three sections.  This is what it looked like:


Robyn beat everyone in bowling, while Emma, Shannon’s coworker Emily and I were near or at the bottom of the pack.  I think I bowled somewhere between 60-80 ish.


Book Review: I Am Malala



Summary: This book is about Malala Yousafzai, a young political rights activist who fought for education for young girls in Pakistan.

Before the Taliban took control, she and thousands of other young women had the opportunity to learn, but that was taken away when the Taliban took control.  Her dad, who owned the school she went to, urged her to speak out against the Taliban and to fight for education and rights for young women.

When the Taliban found out about her, they tried to silence her by shooting her in the head at point-blank range at the back of a school bus.  Eventually, she was taken to a hospital in England, where her family eventually relocated.

In this book, she talks about her journey from her village to presenting a speech in front of the United Nations.  Also, at age 16, she became the youngest nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Thoughts: I found this book to be inspiring.  Malala proves that young girls can make a difference in this world.  However, there are some graphic details in this book you should be aware of.

Rating: 5/5

My Playlist

I’ve been using Spotify for a while now, and it’s a great way to discover new music. So I thought I should share my playlist with you guys. Enjoy!

11 things

Today, I’m doing the 11 things questions found on Amanda Rose’s blog.
These are the rules:
1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself.
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4. Create 11 new questions and ask people to answer them.

1. What’s your favorite letter of the alphabet?

My favorite letter of the alphabet is M.

2. If you could trade places with someone for a day, who would it be and why?

Beyoncé because she’s Queen Bey.

3. What is the current song on loop on your i-Pod?

I don’t have one right now, but a while ago, I had “Brave” by Sara Bareilles on loop.

4. Who is your favorite actor?

Brad Pitt

5. What’s your favorite blog to read?

I have a few: A Complete Waste of Makeup, Amanda Rose blog, What Ari Said, 53blonde, Keeping Up With Kaitlyn

6. What was the worse thing you could remember about the decade you born?

I was born in the late 80′s, and I was almost 2 at the end of the decade–so I don’t remember witnessing anything.  However, the worst thing that happened in my lifetime was 9/11.

7. Living or Dead, who are three people you’d want to have a dinner party with?

Beyoncé, Prince William, George Washington

8. What’s a pet peeve of yours?

People not cleaning up after themselves.

9. What was your best subject in school?


10. What’s the first thing that comes to your head when you see the words “movie quote”? 

“Life’s like a box of chocolates.  You never know what you’re gonna get.”  I used this as my quote in my high school’s senior yearbook.

11. What do you do for a living? Does it make you happy?

Right now, I’m a production assistant and news editor at a local TV station.  I also tape sports segments for a school system.  I’m thankful to have both jobs, but I do want to move up the ladder.


11 questions for you

1. What was your favorite childhood memory?

2. What book are you reading right now?

3. What’s your favorite TV show?

4. What decade were you born in?

5. Do you have a song stuck in your head right now?

6. What are your goals for this year?

7. What’s your favorite magazine?

8. When you were younger, what did you want to be when you “grow up?”

9. What is your favorite color?

10. Do you play any instruments?

11. Who’s that one special person that you hold close to your heart?